Good singing is all about listening carefully as you sing, and making your voice expressive. There are several websites that help people to improve their singing. These websites teach people about the essentials of becoming a good singer, and techniques that’ll help you improve your singing voice First, you need to know your vocal range. If you know you sing high, you are considered a soprano. A good song to prove if your a soprano is the Hallelujah Chorus by Handel Messiah. If you can sing the highest part in the song, you are a soprano. If you can sing some of it, but not all of it, you are a mezzo. If you can barely reach the notes, you are an alto. Be true to yourself-most girls want to be a soprano, but if you know your vocal range is not there, stay lower. If you try to go higher, you may strain your voice.

-Place your thumb under your chin. Now, if you can swallow, that would be great. Feel that muscle drop down tighten? You want to avoid that muscle tightening when you sing.

-Do warm-ups for your voice everyday. If you can’t sing everyday, try doing vocal exercises. One good one is “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do Ti La So Fa Me Re Do” up and down the scale. Also, you know how in some TV shows, if a character falls off a cliff, you hear that “WOOOOoooooosh” noise that goes from high to low? Well, go to the highest note you can (you don’t have to sing it, simply round your mouth and make a “wooh” sound) and hit every note until you hit that “crash” (which is the lowest note).

-A good singing voice depends on a good diaphragm. Your diaphragm is under your chest, at the top of your stomach. To help make your diaphragm stronger, do this exercise called the “Sumo Wrestler Stans”. What you do is say “Sumo” then say “Wrestler” while putting your right foot out to the side and then say “Stans” while putting your left foot out to the other side. Put your hands on your hips and squat down at a comfortable position and let out a “Huuh!” Breath in through your mouth from your DIAPHRAGM (not NOISE) and breath in for four counts. Then, hold it in for four counts. After those four counts, start to hiss all the air out for 8 counts. Start to hiss out by 8 more each time. Always breathe in and hold for 4 counts only. This exercise helps you develop the ability to hold out notes longer.

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