Graduation is a very important event in every person's life.  It is a new chapter and a new beginning. Every parent should plan the party or be involved in the event somehow.

Not only is this a new beginning for the young adult but it is also a dangerous journey.  Most young adults take this opportunity to do some heavy binge drinking and then they get behind the wheel of a car.   If the parents plan a fun and entertaining party for the kids, this method of celebration may be taken less often.

Planning a graduation party is simple.   The parents could begin arranging this event a couple of weeks in advance.   With their child's input, the guest list and invitations should be sent out two weeks previous.

The location of the party is an important decision.   The group needs to choose if it is going to be a school affair or a private gathering.  Depending on the number of students that are invited a banquet hall or an individual's home would be the keen location for the event.

Decorations are an important step in the overall feel of the party. The school colors could be an excellent choice to outline the entertainment area. Ripped or torn notebooks and broken pencils could be a wonderful thought to the end of high-school.

This is a new beginning to a fantastic start into being productive adults. Have fun with the decorations and party favors. Have them inviting yet not too serious. Party supply stores will have everything an individual could need for excellent decorations.

The food should be light and plentiful. They are young adults and they will eat a lot.  Finger foods would be the best method to obtain this.  Pizza, hot dogs, burgers, chips and BBQ chicken could be the best way to go.   Refreshments could be anything from soda to bottled water; even coffee or tea may be a nice treat. Even though most young people would like to get drunk this is not a viable option.

A live band for the evening would be an excellent choice.   A DJ would be ideal as well. Dancing, parting and carrying on is a great way to relieve the stress and years of high-school in the past.  You can find the best live bands and DJs at

A graduation event is a memorable party designed to have a huge blow-out.   However, the safety of the young adults is an important step.    Parents can get involved and create a fantastic party without the need of liquor or drugs in the way.  The parents need to let the young adults have a say in the entertainment, decorations and food choices.   It is important of every individual invited to have a great time and not find something else to amuse them.

You the parent can make the difference.



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