There's no argument about the fact that organizations need fundraising in order to accomplish their goals. If your group is like most, it's active in some form of fundraising campaign throughout the entire year.   One way to raise big money  to hold a holiday or seasonal event that will attract people from all around your city or town.  When you're planning, think big. The bigger the event, the more press coverage you can attract and the more people will attend.
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Food stands can be one of the most profitable attractions at your fundraising event-it can also be the most work.  There are a few different options when it comes to food.  You can either make and serve food yourself, or invite local vendors to set up and serve their food at the event for an entry fee and/or a portion of the proceeds.  If you'll be having local vendors, be sure to secure them early so that you can include them on any advertising and promotional materials.  The opportunity to gain exposure is often a big incentive for vendors to serve at the event.

Plan early and get the word out around town through press releases, radio advertising, flyers, door hangers, and any other local outlet in your community.  With inflatable rentals, carnival games, and lots of new things to eat and drink, it's easy to raise a great deal of much-needed money for your school!

It could be a live band, a comedian, a magician, a hypnotist, a pianist or any other kind of event entertainer.  Here's where Gigmama comes in .  We have all the entertainment you could need for your fundraiser.  A great show sets the tone for your next fund raiser because nothing gets people in like word of mouth.  Have a phenomenal magician at your event and everyone present will go home and tell all their friends.

Raffles, 50/50, Auctions:
All ways of raising cash and you can one, two or all three of them at your event.  Find local sponsors or vendors who will donate services or gift certificate to be raffled off.  The 50/50 is where you sell tickets all night and at the end of the event you draw a ticket and the winner gets half of the total raised from the 50/50 ticket sales.  I've seen many people turn around and give their winnings right back to the organization.  Auctions can be live and loud or silent.  Silent auction is where you lay out the items to be auctioned with a bid sheet in front of it and guests walk up and place their bid on the sheet.  At the end of the night, the winners of the items are announced.  A live auction can be exciting with people bidding against each other and raising the excitement level in the room (along with raising lots of money).

Don't forget to charge a ticket price for the whole event.  You may want to do some research with your local neighbors to find out what they would be willing to pay to come to a fundraiser.  You could charge more and include food and/or drink.

Remember, the more you can get for free, the more you save on spending and end up optimizing the fund raising.  This includes food, drink, prizes, swag bag items, printing and even people to work the event.

So figure out the date of your event and stop by and see about getting the ball rolling with some great talent.

Best of luck and if you ever have a question, you can always write to Mama at



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